Frequently Asked Questions
What is minimum cashout limit?

There is unique cashout limit for each membership package. However,no cashout limit is applied on standard & premium packages. You can withdraw your money anytime you want.

How can I withdraw my earning?

You can withdraw your earning via any payment processor that suits you.

Which payment processors are available for withdraw & deposits ?

Following payment processors are availabe :


What is the maximum cashout time ?

The maximum cashout time is 2 days for pro packs memberships while is 12 hours for standard & premium packages.

Where is my referral link ?

You can find your referral link in your account area from the left sidebar.In the left sidebar menu,click on the banner option to view your referral link.

What is maximum order delivery time for advertisers ?

Maximum order delivery time for adverisers is 12 hours.

What is meant by revenue shares ?

Revenue shares is the option for members if they need to be part of our business.These shares are being sold here.You can contact our support team to get the details.

How can I get help regarding any problem ?

You can get help & support 24/7 hours by submitting a support ticket from the website.You will get response within 12 hours.Moreover,you can also join forum for help.